Do you really want to know what dating is?

By Hermes C. Fernandes

Dating is to embrace without a hurry to let go. It is losing your breath in a passionate kiss. It is asking the other person to hang up the phone first, hoping that he won’t answer your request. It’s missing the last train and having to sleep at the girlfriend’s house and make up an excuse for the parents. It is counting every minute of the day waiting to find the one you love. It is feeling that little chill in your belly and your heart racing when you are close. It is not being able to look away or try to disguise and devour with your eyes when the other is distracted. It’s putting on the best clothes, the best perfume, to try to impress. You look at yourself in the mirror five hundred times to make sure you’re okay. It is to guess what the other is thinking. It’s a stolen kiss. It’s taking off to dance. It’s serenading. It is a surprise. It’s a romance. It’s a dream. It’s an adventure. It’s love. 

When you are in love, everything is an excuse to be together. The absence produces an unbearable longing … longing for the look, the wheezing breath, the fragrance of your perfume, the voice, the way of speaking, the gestures. Therefore, we always manage. If you have to run, run. If you have to sacrifice anything, sacrifice. The important thing is to be together, no matter what price you have to pay.

Dating is said to be a pre-marriage stage. That is why, for many, after they get married, they no longer date. What a waste.

A wedding without dating is like a sunny day without a beach or a rainy day without a movie. 

They say that in courtship there is wanting, without power, and that in marriage this is reversed: there is power, but there is no longer wanting. What nonsense! When you really love, marriage is the crowning achievement of dating, in which wanting and being able to go together. Want to save your marriage, go back to dating. What spins a time-worn relationship is not watching porn, but reviving the flames of love. Your wife wants to feel loved, not used. 

Before taking her to bed, take her to the balcony. Before finally, kiss her as before. Before the moans and sighs of pleasure, tell her how much you love her. Repeat yourself. Leave him tickets. Bring him roses. Call during the day just to hear your voice. Choose a song to be the soundtrack of your passion. Get out hand in hand. Give her ‘malicious’ looks … Demonstrate, without shame, how much you want her. I love her without reservation and without an appointment. Regain it. Or did you forget how to do it? Go back to being the man she once fell in love with. 

When that happens, heaven applauds. The angels watch from the box. God smiles. Otherwise, your marriage is bound to top the list of regrets in your life.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LATE (Valentine’s Day in the USA was yesterday, the 14th)