Schwinn Network 7 Womens Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn’s excellent engineering reputation puts out another quality hybrid bike, the Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike. Here’s a quick review of this popular hybrid bike for women.

Price Range: $230 – $245

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Sturdy steel ladies city frame

Adjustable stem for the comfortable upright riding position

7 speed featuring Shimano TX-31 drive train

700C wheels, alloy rims allow for smooth rides

Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike Product Description

The Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike is made to be a very comfortable cruising road bike. Schwinn makes some very good bicycles, and we’ll start off the bat by saying we still like the Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike more for durability. However, if that bike is out of your budget, the Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike and the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike are both cheaper hybrid bikes for women and almost as good in quality, not to mention these bikes also have many very happy owners.

While Shimano is not the top name in gears, you will only notice if you are a super cycling aficionado. Schwinn often uses Shimano gears and they are always for solid performers. Smooth and also fast and easy shifting. It also features Promax alloy linear-pull brakes for precise stopping and also a padded saddle seat for softer rides.

One main difference (and benefit if this suits you) is that the Schwinn Network 7features the more rugged (and heavier) steel frame as opposed to the aluminum hybrid frames you’d find in most other Schwinn hybrid bikes. This also means a heavier frame.

Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike PROS AND CONS


  • As advertised: smooth ride, shifts easy and brakes well
  • Comfortable seat, good geometric design for the upright riding
  • Components are all good quality, especially for the price
  • Feels very solid and durable, you should feel secure this bike can handle just about any road riding


  • If you know bikes, assembly is not too difficult, otherwise, you might want some help.
  • Definitely heavier than the aluminum hybrid frames – may limit maneuverability and speed on a women’s bike
  • More than one owner/reviewer stated bike was shipped with a nut missing – but a quick trip to the hardware store should fix that if you find yourself in that position

Overall the Schwinn Network 7 Women’s Hybrid Bike is a very solid bike. The steel frame really makes sit feel sturdy and rugged. And heavy. If you want something lighter, the aluminum alloy frames might suit you and the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is the aluminum frame counterpart (same price range). But if you like that heavier feedback to feel safer, this steel frame would be the one for you.

What Buyers Are Saying

“This bike is the best bike I could ask for. It rides very well and it’s very durable.
Riding the streets of NYC is so smooth and fun! The only reason I gave it 4 and not 5 is because of its weight but it’s not even that heavy! Highly recommended!! …”

“Nice bike, but not for all short riders. I had never put a bike together before, but after googling several how-to videos online was able to put mine together in about an hour. Once I had the bike assembled, however, I found that it was far too tall for me. The bike frame measures (from the center of the crank to top of the seat tube) at around 17″. I am 5’4″ and have about a 29-30″ inseam. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the bike – it was sturdy and handled nicely, and if it had fit me, I would have kept it… ”

“I bought this bike for my wife and she really loves it. Set up was easy. If you’ve ever assembled a bike you won’t have any problem with this one. They did short me a nut for attaching the fender, I just got one at Home Depot no problem. She says it is a very smooth ride, shifts easy and brakes well. I even tried it out and it’s great. Excellent bike if you ride for fun or have a short commute… ”