Schwinn Excursion Mens Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn, of course, has been a brand name in bikes since the early part of the century.  When you think of bikes, Schwinn is one of the best-known names. The Schwinn Excursion Men’s Hybrid Bike is a nice hybrid bicycle.  Pricey, but well put together.  Here’s our full review:

Price Range: $290 – $315

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Schwinn Aluminum Hybrid Frame

SR Suntour Trekking Front Suspension Fork

Sturmey Archer 3 Spd Internal Shifting System

ProMax alloy linear-pull brakes

Schwinn Excursion Men’s Hybrid Bike Product Description

Schwinn’s German engineering roots have given their bikes a solid and deserved reputation.  In the mid 1900′s, Schwinn’s popularity exploded and they have been making solid bikes since then.  The Schwinn Excursion Men’s Hybrid Bike has a list of features to envy.

Boasting a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, the Schwinn Excursion’s front suspension fork and suspension seat posts are designed for comfort while riding on a bumpy road.  This keeps your ride nice and smooth.   The Sturmey Archer three-speed internal shifting system keeps shifting smooth, especially on uneven terrain. The bike is lightweight, maneuverable, and responsive on-road a trail. This is a perfect hybrid bike for a casual rider who would like to get there and back safely and in comfort.

Schwinn Excursion Men’s Hybrid Bike PROS AND CONS


  • Upright handlebars positioned for comfortable rides
  • Tires are a perfect size for hybrid biking – not too skinny or too fat
  • Smooth-shifting: bicycle chain rides on a little pulley which decreases friction and improves the shifting.
  • Easy to put together, comes mostly pre-assembled
  • Desirable 3-speed internal hub


  • Features a twist-grip shifter, not lever shifter.  May take time getting used to, but it is very smooth
  • Like most bikes, everything pre-assembled may need some tweaking and adjusting
  • Instructions are hard to understand- some bike knowledge would be helpful for adjusting

The Schwinn Excursion Men’s Hybrid Bike is a very solid bike.  It is quite pricey but this bike should last a nice long time.  Engineered well and rides and shifts smooth.  Don’t be fooled by the three gears – most people will probably not need the 21 gears or 15 gears.  This is a great bike and should be considered for everyone in the hybrid bicycle market.

What Buyers Are Saying

“The bicycle includes fenders, a kickstand, a rear rack, and a chain guard. The handgrips are extra wide and very comfortable to the hands. The wheels came very well centered, better than most new bikes!  The main features of the bike are an aluminum frame, stainless steel spokes, and alloy components (the chainring is steel). That’s an impressive list for a bicycle in this price range.  If I had to sit down and design a complete bicycle from the ground up, it would pretty much be like the Schwinn Excursion. To find so many desirable features on a ready-made bike was a very pleasant surprise…”

“This bike is a lot of fun to ride. It only has three speeds, but that is all you need most of the time. Pretty simple to put together (It arrives mostly assembled). You must be somewhat mechanically inclined to assemble and adjust brakes. The internal shifting mechanism is inside the rear axle and is smooth as butter- very nice shifting. The seat is a little bit “pokey” but I bought a padded Schwinn replacement at Walmart. I would give this a 5 star as an assembled bike, It handles great. However- the inconsistent assembly instructions make it a 4 star…. ”

“Everything that was assembled at the factory did need adjusting and tightening.  Once all of the adjustments have been made, it is a very secure feeling and comfortable bike to ride to and from work, or on the 25 mile trip to our daughter’s house that we made yesterday. The three speeds give me all of the range that I need for bike riding in the Boise area, which includes a couple of stiff hills. Between the front suspension and the seat, I have a very smooth ride and no longer get jarred like with my other bike. I do enjoy this bike very much. But like I said, it can pose some problems during the assembly and everything did need to be adjusted…