Diamondback Mens Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike Review

Diamondback originally started as a BMX manufacturer 30 years ago and since then has been dedicated to quality cycling products in the low to mid-priced range. The Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike is one of their most popular hybrid bikes. Here is our review:

Price Range: $300 – $330

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame

Travel Comfort Hybrid Suspension Fork

Full Shimano Drive Train

Comfort saddle and riser handlebar

Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike Product Description

The 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike from Diamondback was designed for a comfortable ride whether you are commuting, riding for recreation, or riding for exercise. Features big and smooth 700c wheels for speed combined with a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame. For gears, Shimano is a popular name in the drive train and offers comfortable and smooth shifting.

For comfort details, Diamondback includes a Deluxe 2-Density Hybrid Saddle, Avenir comfort platform pedals, and a riser handlebar. Finally, a nice warranty included by Diamondback on their bikes: the frame has a lifetime warranty, and all other components and parts and labor have a one year warranty.

Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood PROS AND CONS


  • Price range is low for a good quality bike, per Diamondback’s reputation
  • Smooth and comfortable ride reported by owners
  • Efficient ride: good amount of movement for the energy expended
  • The light frame feels pretty durable, can handle road riding well


  • Mixed reviews about the shifter quality and chain quality

Overall, for those looking for a very reasonably priced bike, the Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood is good quality for the price. The parts could be of slightly higher quality but would probably cost you at least double this bike. This is definitely one to check out and then, like some owners (because there are some mixed reviews), if you find you need one or two parts replaced (maybe the Shimano shifters) you can upgrade those, but worthy of trying it out first – you may find no problems at all!

What Buyers Are Saying

“First, this bike is great in its price range. Are there better parts…Yes of course (always). Anyways, to the point. I started with a different bike and was not satisfied at all. This bike is a smooth ride and really feels like you are getting a good amount of movement for the energy you are exerting. I believe the bike to made of quality parts and everything goes well together and it was easy to put together. It comes with tools needed to build (as it should for hundreds of dollars, for anything). Endpoint, a nice smooth ride and a good bike….”

“Had this bike put together by a really good bike shop and tuned at the same time. It is a great looking bike with good tires and a nice frame and seat, but the only complaint is the shifter is really cheap the worst you can buy even so it is really loud and hard too get tuned right. For the price, you can’t go wrong but if you want smooth shifting you will need to spend another $150 and install upgraded shifters on it as I did…”

“This bike is perfect for my needs ( I was getting tired of leaning forward with all other bikes I was using & this bike took care of that ) — I use it for work, shopping, laundry — it’s very comfortable to use & ride so far within 5 miles — can’t wait for spring for some long road biking ( I live in Wisconsin )

Sonoma Mens Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bicycle

The Sonoma Men’s Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bicycle brings us something new: the chainless bicycle. Brought to you by Dynacraft, Inc, this bike breaks some new ground with a chainless drive system. Here’s our full review:

Sonoma Mens Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bicycle

Price Range: $390 – $410

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Lightweight aluminum frame

T-shock suspension fork

Cushioned satin saddle ideal for long rides

Lifetime warranty on frame, fork, and drive system

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Sonoma Men’s Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bicycle Product Description

The Sonoma Men’s Chainless Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bike breaks new ground in the bicycle industry by using a chainless drive system. Called the Sonoma Chainless D-Drive operating system, this patented system uses what Sonoma calls an “internal shaft system” instead of your standard chain and derailleur. The benefits? Quieter and smoother operation eliminates normal maintenance required with the chain system. This means no chain falling off, chain getting caught, the chain being exposed to rain, etc.

(You can find more on how the Sonoma D-Drive system works and its benefits)

Besides all the obvious benefits of a chainless system, the bike packs a variety of features to make your ride nice and smooth. Lightweight 6000 series aluminum frame that is easy to handle. T-shock fork that absorbs bumps. A comfortable cushioned satin seat for easy riding. Ergonomically designed handlebars. And high-density rubber handgrips. Rims are 700c double-wall alloy for easy rolling. And precise braking with the front and rear alloy V-brakes. Smooth 3-gear shifting with Shimano internal 3-speed gear hub.

Sonoma Men’s Chainless Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bike PROS AND CONS


  • Chainless. Chainless. Chainless. A lot of side benefits when you consider you will not have any chain-related headaches anymore. And performs well
  • Durable and solid aluminum frame, easy to manage and maneuver (but some reviewers say not as light as you would expect for aluminum frame hybrid bikes)
  • Good comments on prompt and friendly customer service.
  • Straightforward assembly (but it does take a bit of time)


  • Speed: the drive is not as efficient as chain and reviewers say for the speedsters, you may not be satisfied with the top speed on this bike (perhaps 15mph?)
  • Mixed reviews on how comfortable the seat is – fortunately if you don’t like it that is one thing that is easy to replace
  • The Shimano hubs make a clicking noise while in 2nd or 3rd gear, but reviewers say it is easy to overlook (and much quieter than chain bikes)

The biggest selling point for the Sonoma Mens Chainless Evolution Urban Commuter Hybrid Bike is of course the patented D-Drive chainless system. The downside of being rid of a chain seems to be the top speed of the bike will be slower. The upside? The greasy chain will be no more. Quieter, longer life, easier cleanup, and more. The rest of the bike is no slouch either. Feels durable, easy to ride. Most riders who have the bike feel that the 3-speeds are sufficient. Good choice if you want to brave the world of a chainless hybrid bike. And the cost isn’t too high to boot!

What Buyers Are Saying

“Never going back to chain drive. There are 2 things I would change on this bike. The first thing was the seat. The second thing is the Nexus internal hub. This bike has the potential to be one of the smoothest and quietest bikes on the market. The drawback is the Nexus hub. When you are in any gear other than first, the hub has a constant ticking sound. I am very happy with this bike. It is very smooth and easy to ride. I have ridden this bike as much as 20 miles in a day and I can say that the quality is great. This bike is solid when you take it off of a curb you do not hear one rattle. I ride to work in dress pants and love the fact that I don’t have to worry about a chain…

“I’ve been riding the bike for a couple of days. It’s extremely smooth and should be fully assembled in under an hour if you know what you’re doing. It’s extremely smooth and quiet when riding it. You should know that chain bikes are more effective in terms of power conversion, you can go faster on a chain bike with less effort so you won’t be racing in this one. It’s not heavy but it’s not feather-light either. Great quality for the price. I highly recommend it if it fits your particular needs…

“After several years getting greasy fixing chains – often on the trail or road in the heat of the day – I was excited to come across a shaft-drive bike. The Sonoma Urban Commuter, while priced considerably less than several of the chain-driven bikes I was considering, has proven to be an excellent choice. The shaft drive is smooth, the riding position is comfortable for long rides. I only gave four stars because of the seat. After one ride, I replaced the seat with my own comfort seat of choice, which resulted in a much more comfortable ride… ”

Schwinn Discover Womens Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn’s German engineering background has helped put it on the map as one of the top bicycle makers in the United States.  The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is one of its latest bikes in the hybrid bicycle market.   Relatively not too pricey, and well built.  Here’s our full review:

Comfort bike with aluminum city frame

21-speed SRAM grip shifters

Promax alloy linear-pull brakes

Padded saddle with a suspension seat postSchwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Product Description

The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is a fantastic Schwinn bike. Features a lady’s aluminum city frame with a comfortable upright riding position.  For shock absorption and comfort, rides feature an SR Suntour suspension fork and a suspension seat post with a comfort padded saddle.  The ride makes it perfect for commuting to work or cruising down a leisurely bike path.

This Schwinn hybrid bicycle also offers 21-speed grip shifters, Promax alloy linear-pull brakes, and a rear gear carrier.  Linear pull brakes provide progressive stopping power to stop instantly or slow gradually.  Trigger style shifters are easy to use and allow the rider to change gears with the flick of a finger.

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike PROS AND CONS


  • Easy to assemble, comes mostly pre-assembled
  • Very comfortable seat and comfortable to ride
  • Shock absorption is very good – can handle a lot of bumps and debris
  • Smooth brakes
  • Easy shifting


  • May take a few adjustments – Schwinn’s manuals are not helpful so helpful to know something about bikes
  • Plastic fenders look a bit cheap
  • Make sure to examine the bike upon receiving – bikes may get a little damaged upon arrival

The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is one of the best hybrid bicycles for women that we have found.  Great positive reviews on comfort and handling. If you’re in the market for a comfortable hybrid bike for women, this is definitely one that should be at or near the top of the list to buy.

What Buyers Are Saying

“I just finished assembling the bike. I love it! I have been looking for a comfy cruiser style bike but versatile enough to go from trails to off-roading. I biked 1/2 way up my super steep hill with no problem. The set up wasn’t too hard. I have never worked on a bike before and with a few tools I was able to but on the front tire, pedals and handlebars. The seat is very comfortable. It was hard to decide on a bike online, but this is definitely the right choice….

“I have had this bike a little over a month now. I do like it. It is a pretty bike. I like the white color also but I hope nothing starts rusting as it will show more on the white color.  I recommend after you put it together, to take it to a bike shop & have them adjust brakes, gears, etc. The bike could have a better seat suspension. The front suspension is fine. This bike is good for road riding and light trail riding but the tires and suspension are not made for any more than that.  The larger tires improve the looks of the bike & maybe the ride. Overall I am happy with this bike…

“The changing of the gears is smooth and effortless, no chinking noise of the chain, no hesitation. The gear dials are perfectly located at my fingertips so I do not have to take my eyes off the road. The brakes are smooth, not grabby, or jerky. The tires are large, and I get the feeling as if I am traveling the maximum distance with the least amount of effort possible. I highly recommend this bike. I shopped around for several months before I made my decision on this bike. I am glad I did. I would buy another if needed…

How to Build a Conducive Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in your backyard is both a beauty statement and an oasis. You have to plan well before you start to construct a swimming pool. From the word go, everything must be in order. It is like building a skyscraper; its strength is underground. Swimming pools differ in terms of designs and building materials. Regardless of where you want to create the swimming pool or the type you want to build, there are necessary procedures you or your pool contractor have to observe if you wish to have a conducive swimming pool:

The Right Site

First, choose the right site. Whether you are building the swimming pool in your backyard or front-yard, never locate it on the lowest point of the ground, or all the waters will drain into it after the rain. The last thing you want is your swimming pool to be an ocean where all waters of the world end up. So choose higher ground. Also, make sure the pool is not under the trees. You will have to cut down trees at the selected site if any. Tree leaves falling in your swimming will decompose and give the pool a foul smell and a change in color.


Once you have selected the site, it is time to map out the ground and dig out the soil, depending on the shape you desire: around, rectangular, or square swimming pool. Heavy machinery like an excavator can be used for quick work or hand tools if you are on a budget or the site is not accessible for the excavator. It is during the excavation that you decide the depth of your swimming pool. 1.5 meters is the ideal depth for swimming pools. A pool deeper than that can easily crumble, for the walls will be under a lot of pressure. If you opt for a deeper pool, reinforce the walls to withstand it.


You next level the floor of your swimming pool with a firm layer of gravel. Some pools have flat floors while others have sloppy designs with different deep and shallow parts from which to choose for swimming. If you have kids, you may consider having a sloppy floor with shallow parts for kids. Direct your building crew to bring your design to life.

Firm Foundation

For your swimming pool to last for a long time, it needs a firm foundation. After leveling, it is time to lay the real foundation. There are three main foundation materials you can choose from: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. If you want a long-lasting swimming pool, go for the concrete. Although it is expensive, it will require little maintenance cost in the end.

However, if you are low on budget, you may have to use fiberglass. You insert this molded, ready-made dish in the hole and then backfill around. One advantage of fiberglass is that it can withstand saltwater, unlike concrete, which will eventually be worn out by saltwater. Therefore, the kind of water should also determine the type of foundation you choose. Vinyl liners may look attractive and the cheapest compared to concrete and fiberglass, but it sags fast, and you will have to adjust it frequently.

Impregnable Walls

You need a swimming pool with walls as a firm as the foundation. Weak, carelessly built walls will soon crumble and will be expensive to maintain, in the end. Use durable materials like steel to frame the walls. Wooden boards and metal rebar are also used to provide firm support. Make sure the walls are uniform and flat. This prevents crumbling. Once the skimmer, inlet nozzles, lights, hoses, and pipes are fitted, the pool is gradually backfilled around by dry concrete mixture or gravel.

Plumbing and proper electrification

It is time to set up filtration and circulation systems. You may seek the services of a certified plumber to fit in the valves, the primary pump, skimmers, pipes, stairs, etc. Plumbing and electric wiring can go hand in hand. The filtration and circulation systems have to be powered by electricity. You may also need lights installed.

If you are not competent enough, consider bringing on board a certified electrician for these. Poor wiring leaving live wires exposed can result in electrocution. The last thing you want is to build a swimming pool, which is actually a frying pan where swimmers have their last dives. Pay close attention to electrical safety.


With everything in place, it is time to fill up your pool with water. You can use a hose connected to your main water supply for a slow filling or hire a water truck to fill it up at once. This is the time to check for faulty elements. Look out for leakages and other unsafe electrical installations. Once everything is in order, take your first dive. If you did everything properly, it wouldn’t be your last dive.


Before starting to construct your swimming pool, seek the necessary permits from the relevant authority. Let them examine their records to determine if there could be underground public assets on your selected site. There could be a tunnel, oil pipeline, or gas line you knew nothing about.

Moreover, once your swimming pool is done, maintain regular pool treatment.

Best Wood Router Reviews, Comparison and Buying Guide

Wood crafting, carpentry, and cabinetry require a lot of equipment and tools; and one of these most helpful and important tools required by wood crafters and woodworkers is a wood router. A wood router is meant to be used for trimming, shaping, or cutting different kinds of wood materials. It can also be utilized by woodworkers to cut a groove on wood materials as well as plastic material or some other hard workpieces. It is available in different types. Some are handheld while some are meant to be mounted on a table. Table mounted routers are widely used compared to handheld routers because of their versatility. Routers also differ in their functionality. There are some that can cut metal materials and other materials and some that can cut only wood materials. Basically, a wood router regardless of its type consists of a guide template, a cutting tool, and router unit.

Owing to the wide use of wood routers and improvement in technology, there are many top wood router brands each having different models in their product range. In fact, shoppers have up to 100 options to choose from. With such a plethora of options, first-time shoppers and even professionals normally find it difficult to choose one that will meet their requirements. In order to help you to make an informed decision, we have carried out in-depth research in order to discover the best models on the market taking into consideration their durability, functionality, features, and consumer rating. We have briefly reviewed the best wood routers and put up other useful information that will help you to make an informed decision if you are looking for a wood router.

Top Best Wood Router Reviews

Dewalt DWP611PK

Dewalt DWP611PK is one of the best wood routers on the market. It has stunning power and also delivers impressive performance. Its motor is capable of generating 1.25HP of torque. Its speed can be adjusted and it is also variable meaning that it can be used on different kinds of woods and on different applications. The cutting accuracy is almost 100%. With Dewalt DWP611PK wood router there is no room for mistakes because of the control it offers to users. Users enjoyed perfect grip because the handle is not just solid but also contoured. It offers users with superior bit visibility thanks to the LED light and clear plastic fixed base it comes with. Its profile is available in a lightweight design and this also enhances the control users enjoy while working with this unit. Besides, working with this wood router does not put any strain on the operators’ muscles. The router provides improved surface contact with the large eight slots that it comes with. The tool remains stable even when it is used on heavier applications thanks to its large plunge base platform.


  • It is not just efficient but durable thanks to its aluminum motor housing and base construction.
  • It is certified frustration-free and covered with a 3-year warranty.
  • It is quite easy to set and modify the depth of the cut of this wood router with a high level of precision.
  • The workpiece is lighted up by the LED reducing the possibility of mistakes.
  • It is available in a compact and lightweight design making it easy for users to work for hours with it.
  • It comes with the basic features required for routing.


  • The plastic case may be too hard for the likening of some consumers who will prefer a soft case. However, this is subjective as some consumers do not have any problem with that.
  • The aluminum on the grip may cause the problem to some users when the hands become sweaty. Thus, it would have been better if it is replaced with a rubber.
  • Some wood crafter would have preferred it to be cordless even though the cord is long enough to allow users some freedom.

Dewalt DW618PK

Dewalt DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base Router KitDewalt DW618PK is a wood router that can be used by both a professional and a do-it-yourself hobbyist. Beginners in wood crafting can also work with this tool because it is equipped with good and easy-to-use features. It delivers stunning performance thanks to the cam motor housing as well as its other features like clear LEXAN sub-base and 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collets. It features both plunge and fixed bases. However, it can be purchased only with a fixed base. Dewalt DW618PK motor is capable of generating 2.25 HP torque. The motor is adjustable and it is a tool-free steel cam style type. With this motor, setting the depth measurement is a breeze, and changes between the based are easily accomplished. It features an electronic variable speed. Its complete feedback control ranges from 8,000 to 24,000RPM. It is equipped with a dust collector which is capable of trapping 95 percent of particles and dust generated during cutting. This reduces the post-routing task. Dewalt DW618PK can use both 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch which are the two most common bit shank sizes to choose from in the router table. It also features an adjustment ring of 360 micro which makes for easy control of the depth.


  • It is covered by a three-year warranty which will give users the rest of the mind that nothing will happen to their machine for at least three years.
  • It can be used for all types of woods making it to be very versatile.
  • It has excellent ergonomics, low gravity and low center.
  • Its power cord is detachable making storage to be easy.
  • It is durable and also offers impressive cutting quality.


  • It is corded and many consumers would have preferred it to be cordless.
  • The package does not come with any edge guide. Purchasing one means added cost.
  • Users may not find it easy to reach the collet.

Bosch 1617EVSPK

Bosch 1617EVSPK is an option for the woodworker looking for a router with impressive performance and stunning ease-of-use. Whether you are a professional or an inexperienced wood crafter, you will be able to work with this tool. It comes with 12Amp motor which is capable of generating 2.25HP. It comes with a fixed-based depth of 1-5/8″ with variable speed control RPM of 8,000 – 25,000 which makes it a great tool for wood crafters cutting different kinds of woods. Just with a finger, operators can easily get to the toggle switch of the variable speed control. It has a collet capacity of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 8mm. Whether you want to do fixed routing or plunge routing, you will be able to achieve it with this tool as it comes with both a plunge and fixed base. Whether you prefer a fixed base or plunge wood router, you don’t require any tool for the fitting of the base. It is very easy to change this model’s router bits. Bosch 1617EVSPK adjusts excellently with and in a fixed base, it can perform 1/64 inch. It now comes with an aluminum motor housing and bases and this enhances its durability. Dust and any other particle cannot enter the power switch.


  • The plunge base’s handles offer good control thanks to its ergonomics.
  • It is not just high performing but also durable and covered with a year warranty.
  • It is a versatile wood router as it is capable of working on different kinds of woods and besides it comes with both a plunge and fixed base.
  • The size of the collet (shaft) can be changed from 1/4 inches to 1/2 inches.
  • It is double insulated.
  • It comes with work light which enhances visibility.


  • Users may experience difficulty in changing the bases as loosing or tightening the base can be difficult.


Makita RT0701C

If you are an amateur woodworker and you are looking for a versatile wood router that matches your experience, Makita RT0701C may be a product that you are looking for. It is suitable for lightweight and small-time routing work and not for the heavy-duty workload. It is available in a lightweight and compact design. Thus with dimensions of 10x8x6 inches and a weight of 3.9 pounds, it is very easy to work with this machine. It operates with 120 volts and comes with a motor that is capable of generating a horsepower of 1.25 torque. It is a corded wood router with impressive versatility thanks to its variable speed control dial which ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. Makita RT0701C is capable of delivering more professional and standard finish thanks to the special electronic speed load circuitry that it comes with. By default, it has a fixed base plate. However, you can also use a plunge base on it. The base can easily be removed thanks to its cam lock system which has a spring release mechanism that you have to press down for it to release. Thus, it is left for you to decide whether to purchase it or not. The router offers just 1/4 inch shaft for the router bits because of its smaller motor. It has an aluminum casing, clear base, and ergonomic design.


  • It has the awesome built quality and impressive durability thanks to the aluminum housing for the motor and the metal alloy it comes with.
  • It is highly versatile as it can be used for both bases and to work on different kinds of woods.
  • It is cost-effective considering the standard and quality of finishing it gives.
  • It is very easy to work with thanks to its lightweight design and ergonomic design.


  • It is not good for professional use as it cannot be used to carry out heavy-duty work.
  • The power cord comes with an anti-theft device.
  • The model does not have any LED or light on it.

Black & Decker RP250

Strongly created and equipped with user-friendly features, Black & Decker RP250 is a good option for woodworkers that want rewarding routing experience. With this wood router, you’ll enjoy enhanced accuracy and incredible accuracy. It is a versatile router designed to perform multiple tasks. It can carry out fixed base routing even though it basically works on the plunge base. It comes with a motor of 10Amp which is capable of generating 2-1/4 torque of horsepower. With this torque, it rotates at a very high speed which varies from 8000 to 27,000 RPM. With this tool, you can get more precise results and greater control as a result of its start function. Though the router is made with tough materials which enhance its durability, it is covered with a 2-year warranty. It gives accurate results as a result of the improved visibility it offers as made possible by its sightline base. It is available in a lightweight and compact design as it weighs only 9.9 pounds and has dimensions of 11.5 x 6.6 x 11.9 inches. It is a corded wood router that operates on 120 volts.


  • It is budget-friendly and can be used by inexperienced woodcrafter.
  • Its dust collection system is quite great. It is capable of trapping resins and debris generated during cutting and this helps in reducing post cutting tasks.
  • It is versatile as it is capable of doing both a fixed and plunge base tasks. Besides, it has a variable speed control.
  • The base is very strong making the router provides more support and control.
  • It comes with a very strong motor housing.


  • It is not good for everyday use or a heavy-duty task.
  • Its depth stop has a limitation on its range.
  • A lot of users may find the handle very small and this makes handling somewhat difficult.
  • Mounting of guide bushings is not supported by this router.
  • It comes with a small base.

Dewalt DW616

Dewalt DW616 is an embodiment of durability, ease-of-use, durability, and versatility. The package comes with the basic thing you require in order to start routing. Working with this wood router is very easy and comfortable as one does not require any tool to remove the base or make an adjustment. Besides, adjustment can easily and quickly be made. The features that make this possible are the quick-release motor latches and steel motor cam lock that it comes with. The body is very stable during work. The handles are made from rubber and thus handling it for hours will not result in any hand fatigue. You can choose whether to keep the switch on your left or right-hand thanks to the unique switch and cord set configuration it comes with. Dewalt DW616 comes with a motor of 11 amp which is capable of delivering 1-3/4 horsepower operating on 120 voltage. The housing of the motor is plated with nickel to enhancing easy and long-lasting depth adjustment. This wood router weighs 10 pounds and has dimensions of 10.8×9.2×7.2 inches. It comes with fixed-based. It is covered with a three-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • The space between the base and motor is enough for the removal of the bits.
  • It is easier to micro adjust the height adjustment of this product.
  • Users can easily see what they are doing via the clear Lexan base.
  • It is very easy to use and its motor generates a reasonable amount of power.


  • Some users may not like the weight. It can be troublesome and stressful to hold 10 pounds for a long time.
  • It is not great for professional use.

Porter-Cable 690LR

With aluminum motor housing and base, Porter-Cable 690LR wood router is equipped with an 11 amp motor which is capable of generating a horsepower of 1-3/4. It is a single-speed motor that revolves around 27,500 times per minute thanks to the speed at which it is moving. Users do not have any problem adjusting the height and releasing the motor owing to the system’s cam-lock lever. The shaft or collets of the product enhances the user convenience because it is able to accept 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch shank bits. Though the Porter-Cable 690LR is strongly created, it is still covered with a three-year warranty which leaves users with a rest of mind that they are purchasing a quality router. The ball-bearing construction guard of this product is sealed against tear and wear. Another good aspect of this item is that it features a stunning ergonomic design which makes for convenience and stability. It is very easy to remove the bit of this router thanks to the auto-release collet system that it comes with. There is no chance of the motor rotating inadvertently from the base thanks to the under-table stop it comes with. Users will not experience any hand fatigue even if they work for many hours with the machine as it has ergonomic molded grips.


  • It is not too heavy or too light. It has a moderate weight and dimension.
  • It is covered with a 90-day money-back guarantee, three years limited warranted, and a year free service contract.
  • The package comes complete with a user manual, collet wrench, 1/4 inch, and 1/2 inch collets and fixed base.


  • Many consumers find the position of the switch quite annoying as it is not very easy to reach at.

Bosch PR20EVSK

Bosch PR20EVSK is a very good wood router for people with a high level of experience in woodworking. It can also be used by intermediate wood crafter or people that are engaged in wood-crafting on regular basis or for a long time. It is an embodiment of performance, durability, convenience and functionality. Its aluminum construction helps to increase its portability while its soft-grip enhances the user-convenience. It is equipped with a motor of 5.6amp which is capable of generating 1.0 horsepower that can spin the motor at a variable speed of between 15,000 to 35,000 rpm. One distinguishing feature of this product is that it is user-friendly thanks to its simple and straightforward operation. 1/4 inch bits can be used on the collect. Bit changes are easily accomplished thanks to the front spindle lock on the motor. If you like using two wrenches, there is no cause for alarm because the product also comes with shaft wrench. It operates with 120 volts and 750 watts.


  • It is available in a compact and lightweight design.
  • The tool does not overheat as a result of the air vents made available on top to make the machine remain cool.
  • Its base is very easy to be changed because the tool comes with a quick-clamp lever system.
  • The cord is kept away from the work area by the angled cord.


  • The power switch does not have any dust cover.
  • It is corded which many consumers do not like.

Types of wood routers

Wood routers are basically of two types, namely, the fixed base routers and plunge routers. The difference between these two types depends on their design which determines what work can be done with them. The base of a plunge wood router is spring-loaded making it possible for the user to shove down the bit on the wood. With this type of router, a wood crafter can actually begin cutting from the center of the wood instead of the edge. Though it is a little bit more challenging to use the plunge router, it is more versatile than the fixed base routers. Fixed base wood routers are much easier to use than the plunge base routers and this is why it is recommended for beginners. They are normally available in a lighter weight design when compared with a plunge router. The plaid depth of this type of wood routers cannot be adjusted requiring you to set it right before you can start.

Wood routers can also be divided into two based on their sizes. The first is the table-mounted routers which are of larger size. The second type which is the smaller type is called the router plane or hand-held router. There is a third type of wood routers called the spindle router which features a shaft that has a holding device or a collet. It also has a vertically set electric motor.

How to choose the best wood router

As already mentioned above, a wood router is one of the power tools that are available in a variety of choices on the market. Thus, before you choose a suitable wood router there are certain factors that you should take into consideration. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Consider brand and model

Some brands produce more reliable wood routers and they have established a reputation on the market with the quality of products they produce. Similarly, models of the same brand do not come with the same features. Thus, it is advisable that you go for models of reliable brands with features that you will require.

Take time to read the reviews of different models

Before you make your choice especially if you’re a first-time shopper, you have to read reviews of wood routers that you are considering purchasing to find out what previous buyers are saying. Go for wood routers that have high customer ratings.

Take your cutting needs into consideration

This is of utmost importance because each type of wood router is designed for a particular type of cut. So, go for a type that will meet your cutting needs or a type that can perform multiple tasks.

Consider performance and convenience

Sometimes, some consumers sacrifice quality for cost. But this should not be the case. You should always consider performance, as well as convenience before cost as these, will determine the quality of cuts you will achieve with your wood router.

Don’t forget to check the features

There are some features that are very basic and important and some that are redundant. So, you need to consider features before you make a choice. Some of the important features to consider are variable speed, electronic feedback circuitry, spindle lock, soft start, and others.


Having a quality wood router is a veritable investment of money and time. With it, you will be able to obtain cuts you need for impressive output. But the quality of your router matters a lot as it determines to a greater extent the quality of the cut you will obtain. Many hardware stores both offline and online sell this important woodworking tool. But some products are simply not good. When it is time for you to purchase one, you can read our wood router reviews and choose from any of the products reviewed above because they have high customer ratings and have proven records.

Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Bosch PR20EVSK will be a good addition to the tool collection of an advanced woodworker or any person with some experience in woodworking. It can also be purchased by experienced do-it-yourself hobbyists for work around the house. It is a versatile router that can be used to carry out a lot of woodworking projects such as routing, dovetailing, dock planks, cutting, mortising hinges, trimming laminate flooring, and others. Though it is available in a compact size, it boasts of impressive performance required for precision, accuracy, and improved comfort. But before you think that you have found your ideal router table, first read through this piece to know the various its features, pros, and cons.


This Bosch wood router is equipped with a powerful motor of 5.6 amp. Spinning at a variable speed of 16,000 to 35,000 RPM and with a 1.0 horsepower which is the highest a router of this class can deliver, the motor provides enough power that makes routing and other carpentry work very easy to accomplish. The user manual provides users with a chart that indicates not just the speed of each setting but also the type of work the speed of each dial position is meant for. The base of the router features a wheel for micro-fine adjustments.

This Bosch router has features that are very easy to use. 1/4-inch bits can be used on its collet. Unfortunately, 1/2 bit shanks can be used on it. With one wrench, you will be able to change the bit because of the front spindle lock on its motor. However, in case you like using two wrenches, the package also comes with a shaft wrench. The speed dial can easily be accessed because it is located on the top of the router.

The router comes has a number of features that make for convenience and safety during routing. For example, the router is a corded type but its cord does not constitute an obstacle to the user during work because it is safely kept out of the way with an angled cord exit in the machine. For easy adjustment and movement from base to base, the manufacturers include a quick-clamps system to this product.

The package comes it all that you will require to start routing which include edge guide, fixed base, instructional manual, shaft wrenches, fixed base, edge guide.  and plunge base. For easy carriage and enhanced portability, it is provided with a case.


  • Value for money as the package includes most of the things required for basic routing.
  • It is a user-friendly tool. You don’t need to be experienced woodwork to be able to operate this router.
  • It is a flexible and portable router as it can easily be taken to work thanks to the case included.
  • It can be used for different routing works.


  • It is important that you use wear hand gloves when working with this router as it can become very hot during use.
  • The absence of side handles is a big lack of this product.
  • The edge guide does not have any notches or markings.


PR20EVSK is a compact size router that can be used to carry out different kinds of woodworking. Even though complaints have been made about the design of its spindle lock button, it is a value for money given its performance and versatility. But if you are looking for a router that will handle tougher projects, it may not be what you are looking for.

Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Porter-Cable 690LR is a reflection of excellent workmanship for which Porter-Cable is known for. Strongly created and equipped with 11 amp motor, this router delivers the needed performance, precision, and accuracy required for a perfect woodworking experience. It has an ergonomic design and all the features required for ease-of-use, convenience, versatility, and perfect operation. It can be used in different work environments including work around the house. However, despite the various benefits it will offer, it has some flaws which some consumers have complained against. Find out more about all features, benefits, and drawbacks of this Porter-Cable wood router.


690LR comes with a fixed base. With such a base, it can be mounted on a table to carry cutting and other woodworks that cannot be done with a handheld router. However, if you prefer a plunge or D-handle bases, you can use them on this router. But they are not included in the package. So, you need to purchase them differently.

This router has a stunning power capability that differentiates it from routers in its class. It is equipped with a motor of 11 amp which can produce a 1-3/4 horsepower spinning at 27,500 RPM. With such a horsepower, the router can handle different routing and cutting tasks both in a worksite or the house. Precision machined aluminum is used to build the housing of the motor to protect it against impact and abuse resulting from everyday use. It also features a cam-lock lever which makes the release of the motor a breeze.

The collets of this router are designed to work with 1/2 and 1/4 bit sizes. This helps to make Porter-Cable 690LR more versatile as it can be used to do different tasks. Users will not find it difficult to change the bit thanks to the auto-release feature that it comes with.

This Porter-Cable router has some features that make it easy to work with. The two ergonomic handles that it comes with are examples of such features. The handles offer a perfect grip and feel comfortable to the hands during work. They are well-positioned for enhanced comfort. The router comes with a micrometer depth adjustment system for improved accuracy and precision. With this system, the router delivers precise and accurate cuts.


  • It is available in a lightweight and compact design. With a product dimension of 10x10x8 inches and product weight of 9.4 pounds, it will be easy to work with the router. Besides, storage does not constitute many problems.
  • It is portable given its lightweight design and double ergonomic handles.
  • Its motor delivers good power to handle different works.
  • It is versatile as it can be used for work in different environments.


  • The power switch is poorly positioned and many consumers have complained against that.
  • It does not come with any storage compartment. Thus, users may find it difficult to have all their tools together in a place. Besides, the absence of a storage compartment creates storage problems for users.
  • It does not have a variable speed feature.


Though 690LR is a small router designed for lightweight tasks, it does a nice work which explains why it is top-ranked among other routers in its class. It comes with the basic features and parts that you need to accomplish different woodworking tasks. Thus, you may not have to purchase any additional accessories when you have your package. It performs very well and has impressive versatility but do not expect too much from it.