Launch of the novel “O Ninho da Fênix” on 7/7

Dear friends, I am happy to inform you that we have signed a contract with Amazon and on 7/7 (next Thursday) we will be officially launching my first novel “O Ninho da Fênix”  under the pseudonym HC Ferny in electronic version at the price of just R $ 10.09. The book will be available worldwide, varying in price according to the country. In the USA, for example, it will come out at $ 2.99. Get ready to purchase yours on launch day and invite your friends. SYNOPSIS Two lives intertwined by fate in a turbulent flight from Paris. He, William Saint-Clair, an archaeologist who defines himself as an obstinate defender of the past. She, Melissa Fujiwara, known as Mel, a biologist and environmentalist, an idealistic defender of the future.

An oracle found in Egypt points to a mysterious connection between east and west, past and future, and between the world’s most important archaeological site and the largest ecological sanctuary on the planet. And to increase the suspense, the plot is watched closely by a viewer sent by the future, whose eventual intervention would trigger an irreversible collapse in the flow of history, so that nothing will ever be the same again.

Raziel, the visitor from the kairos here  [1]  is   William’s alter ego, sent to accompany him for a while in order to learn important lessons that went unnoticed during his stay in the chromosphere  [2] Raziel belongs to a time when human civilization will have reached its ethical and technological peak. His presence cannot be perceived by William, leaving Raziel to communicate through insights and dreams. There is also a protocol to be followed during your kenotic journey. [3]  If you exceed the limits, the consequences will be harmful.

William and his twin brother Wallace are the main heirs of a mining empire. Despite their physiognomic resemblance, they have completely different personalities and characters.

Mel is the daughter of a Japanese immigrant and a Brazilian. His father presents himself as a family man, modest and austere. However, he hides a secret that made him leave the land of the rising sun to save his own life.

A story of love and hope that brings together elements abundantly found in every human plot, such as betrayal, conspiracies, lies, undeniable interests, envy, but also, dreams, ideals, altruism, and the desire to make this world a more just place. William and Mel team up to ensure that after their epic flight, the phoenix has its nest preserved, and thus, returning to it, can be reborn. 

[1] Kairosfera or wasKairótica – post-secular Age and post-historical, in which humans come to dominate the ability to travel in time.

[2] Chronosphere – temporal sphere in which history takes place.

[3] Kenotic Journey – Journey to the chromosphere, made possible by the process called Kenósis in which the apprentice submits to the state of Kenoma (Process in which the consciousness is subjected to an emptying, enabling it to travel in time. After entering the chromosphere, the individual will remember the facts as he experiences them again, providing him with a constant sense of Déjà vu).

* The book will be available only in the digital version by Amazon.