Jeep Compass Mens Hybrid Bike

Jeep is a well-known brand name in rugged automobiles.  Not sure how they got into building bikes but they pretty much now manufacture just about anything that has tires on it.  Here we check out the Jeep Compass Men’s Hybrid Bike to see how sturdy and rugged a hybrid bicycle they can make.

Price Range: $180 – $210

Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Weight: 30 pounds

Lightweight 700c alloy rims

Custom aluminum frame

Shimano ST-EF50 21-speed Rapid Fire Shift Levers

Jeep Compass Men’s Hybrid Bike Product Description

The name brand company that brings you Jeep vehicles puts their mettle to the test in the hybrid bicycle arena with its Jeep Compass Men’s Hybrid Bike. The feature list is a mile long if you look at the product description including an aluminum frame, custom alloy stem, alloy crankset, seat post, kickstand, and more.

At the heart of the Compass, you’ll find a lightweight, handcrafted, custom aluminum frame. The Jeep Compass Hybrid Bicycle delivers unrivaled performance thanks to a Shimano 21 speed drive train. An upright riding position, adjustable stem, and lightweight 700c alloy rims create a bike that has the comfort and durability of a touring bike with the crisp handling of a race bike

Jeep Compass Men’s Hybrid Bike PROS AND CONS


  • Assembly is said to be pretty easy but helps if you have your own Allen wrenches so you can make your own adjustments
  • Lightweight picks up speed nicely
  • One owner compliments the kickstand
  • Once adjusted and tweaked, comfortable and easy to ride and operate


  • While assembly is easy, assembly instructions are NOT good – helps if you have some bike knowledge, especially if you want to tighten or tweak
  • Front-wheel is NOT quick release as described
  • Shifting could be smoother

Overall, this seems to be a solid but not spectacular bike.  The Jeep Compass Men’s Hybrid Bike will do the job for your brief rides around town or smaller commutes.  That it is lightweight should make it easy to ride and coast.  Make sure to check it over carefully as many owners mention that their bike came damaged in shipment and needed some customer support.  Good price though.

What Buyers Are Saying

“t is way cooler looking than the photo.  The top and lower bars are angular metal and look tough.  It is a nice ride!  Glides down the road. I am 5’9″ and it is a nice fit.  I had never seen this bike except for this one photo online.I took a leap of faith and bought it.  I would do it again tomorrow.  It looks more like a 4-$500 bike. My neighbor who rides $1200 Cannondale was quite impressed.  This is not a trail bike! But a road bike that will handle any dirt road or 2 track. Great deal for the money…”

“This is a good enough bike for the money. Just a little heads up though, it comes with no instructions on putting it together. It comes with a Bicycle Owner’s Manual which just includes safety tips. If you need help putting it together, you will be on your own…. ”

“My husband rides a mile and a half one way to work each day on this bike and has been doing so for a month now. We had some problems trying to get the break adjusted, but other than that no problems with the assembly. Total assembly took maybe an hour with one person that has medium bike knowledge and another that doesn’t have any! He says that the seat isn’t the most comfortable, but he adjusted it so that it is facing down in the front and that seems to have helped a little. Other than that, no problems with the bike… ”