Google and Yahoo competition

When it comes to choosing an email service provider, both Gmail and Yahoo mail have their takers. Yet, which ones among these are a better choice remains a hotly debated topic. Let’s consider a few things to decide.

google vs yahoo


In August 2013, 1 billion user accounts of Yahoo were compromised on account of a major cyber attack. This was discovered by Yahoo only in 2016 after it found another hack (that happened in 2014), which compromised 500 million users. A comparatively minor threat was reported by Yahoo in 2016 where 32 million accounts were affected. All these threats may make you want to delete your Yahoo Mail account, for which you can find help at

Google too had its fair share of troubles when the company announced in November 2016 how it had fixed a problem in its Gmail verification system that permitted users to send email from a second Gmail account but make it appear as if the email was being sent to the target account (which could be blocked, deactivated or nonexistent email accounts). Yet, when you compare the security aspects of both these email service providers, Gmail clearly has an edge over its competitor.

Attachment size

With Yahoo, you can receive and send emails with attachments up to 25MB. This means the total size of your files (which includes all attachments and encoding) needs to be less than this limit. So, if your attachment is exactly 25 megabytes, you won’t be able to send it with Yahoo Mail.

By doubling its Gmail attachment size for emails received (from 25MB to 50MB), Google has made it possible for Gmail users to have larger incoming files (of up to 50MB), which they can open directly in their inbox right away. If you love or need to share a lot of large documents, audio files and images Gmail here is a winner.

Ads in inbox

Though both Gmail and Yahoo Mail make you deal with ads in your inboxes, the latter has lots of it, which sometimes makes it pretty annoying for the users.


Folder organization and message labeling

Gmail has a pretty neat folder arrangement system, which lets you move your emails to where you want them and use smart labeling (Personal, Travel, work, Unwanted, etc). From the system labels available, you can choose to show or hide (or even unread) some specific labels. Gmail lets you create your own new labels.

Though Yahoo Mail has “Smart Views” to organize your emails under Unread, Starred, People, Social, Shopping etc, you still can’t set up a smart folder. The inability to label messages freely (and sometimes with multiple tags) is another disadvantage of Yahoo Mail.

Brand credibility

People often associate Gmail with being the more “credible” and “professional” among these two email services. So, when it comes to having a positive brand image, Gmail is the sure winner.

We believe Gmail has a definite edge over Yahoo Mail. Perhaps this is what has encouraged many for deleting their accounts with Yahoo and keeping their personal data like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, etc protected from being compromised.