Diamondback Mens Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike Review

Diamondback originally started as a BMX manufacturer 30 years ago and since then has been dedicated to quality cycling products in the low to mid-priced range. The Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike is one of their most popular hybrid bikes. Here is our review:

Price Range: $300 – $330

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame

Travel Comfort Hybrid Suspension Fork

Full Shimano Drive Train

Comfort saddle and riser handlebar

Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike Product Description

The 2020 Edgewood Sport Hybrid Bike from Diamondback was designed for a comfortable ride whether you are commuting, riding for recreation, or riding for exercise. Features big and smooth 700c wheels for speed combined with a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame. For gears, Shimano is a popular name in the drive train and offers comfortable and smooth shifting.

For comfort details, Diamondback includes a Deluxe 2-Density Hybrid Saddle, Avenir comfort platform pedals, and a riser handlebar. Finally, a nice warranty included by Diamondback on their bikes: the frame has a lifetime warranty, and all other components and parts and labor have a one year warranty.

Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood PROS AND CONS


  • Price range is low for a good quality bike, per Diamondback’s reputation
  • Smooth and comfortable ride reported by owners
  • Efficient ride: good amount of movement for the energy expended
  • The light frame feels pretty durable, can handle road riding well


  • Mixed reviews about the shifter quality and chain quality

Overall, for those looking for a very reasonably priced bike, the Diamondback Men’s 2020 Edgewood is good quality for the price. The parts could be of slightly higher quality but would probably cost you at least double this bike. This is definitely one to check out and then, like some owners (because there are some mixed reviews), if you find you need one or two parts replaced (maybe the Shimano shifters) you can upgrade those, but worthy of trying it out first – you may find no problems at all!

What Buyers Are Saying

“First, this bike is great in its price range. Are there better parts…Yes of course (always). Anyways, to the point. I started with a different bike and was not satisfied at all. This bike is a smooth ride and really feels like you are getting a good amount of movement for the energy you are exerting. I believe the bike to made of quality parts and everything goes well together and it was easy to put together. It comes with tools needed to build (as it should for hundreds of dollars, for anything). Endpoint, a nice smooth ride and a good bike….”

“Had this bike put together by a really good bike shop and tuned at the same time. It is a great looking bike with good tires and a nice frame and seat, but the only complaint is the shifter is really cheap the worst you can buy even so it is really loud and hard too get tuned right. For the price, you can’t go wrong but if you want smooth shifting you will need to spend another $150 and install upgraded shifters on it as I did…”

“This bike is perfect for my needs ( I was getting tired of leaning forward with all other bikes I was using & this bike took care of that ) — I use it for work, shopping, laundry — it’s very comfortable to use & ride so far within 5 miles — can’t wait for spring for some long road biking ( I live in Wisconsin )