Desigrejados, unite!

By Hermes C. Fernandes
Jesus respected the religious system of His day, even though He knew the high price He would have to pay for His boldness. He said that we would do even bigger works. And why bigger? Who are we to overcome our Master?
The fact is that when Jesus walked among us, the religious system, however, refined it seemed, was still rudimentary compared to our day. Today, if we want to follow in Christ’s footsteps, we will have to respect a true religious industry, where people are seen, now as products, now as customers, now as gears.
What is often called “discipleship,” is nothing more than the production of serial followerslead soldiers, perfect replicas of their mentors and leaders? This was not what Jesus planned when he recruited His first disciples in Galilee. It was never His claim that the church would become a lunatic factory.
Authentic discipleship is one that challenges us to embody the message of Christ, making us transforming agents of the Kingdom, infiltrated in a corrupted society. True discipleship is what sends sheep among the wolves.
The most important thing is not to fill the church, but to fill the world with the knowledge of God.
As we break hereditary curses, the gap between generations widens, and thus ‘existential curses’ are perpetuated. We seek inner healing, while outside, there are social wounds that need to heal, hemorrhages that have not yet stopped.
We discussed the sex of angels, while little angels, abandoned in the streets, are harassed daily by those who should protect them.
We reacted violently against laws that could harm the church, but we don’t care about laws that harm the neediest, undermining their rights.
The craze for mosquitoes and swallowing camels!
– Clean your feet thoroughly when entering the temple to avoid damaging the new carpet. Amen or not amen? And don’t forget to write in another congress to be held at the hotel, for a trifle of 400 reais.
We become a caricature of the church of Jesus.
While society is dealing with issues of the first magnitude, we turn to ourselves, concerned with quarrels.
– We can’t lose to gays, can we? If they gathered three million at their stop, we will gather twice as much on our march to Jesus.
Big Deal!
Ah if Christians knew that many of these manifestos are just demonstrations of political power! It is for these and others that, every day, the number of displaced persons grows alarmingly. A mass is unhappy with the direction taken by the churches.
When will we take to the streets in favor of the oppressed? When will we let go of our arrogant stance and reach out to those in need?
As long as we keep our finger in the list , in an inquisitive spirit, the world will give us another finger, the middle one. 
When churches cease to be electoral corrals and become centers of citizenship; when you stop worrying about your own navel and turn outward, then hope will triumph. The finger that previously pointed out the errors, will now point the way.