Are you ready to play with something serious?

By Hermes C. Fernandes 
“Every child wants to be a man. Every man wants to be king. 
Every king wants to be God. God only wanted to be a child. ” 
Leonardo Boff 
To recreate yourself is to see the world as a huge playground again. Everything starts to be reframed. Child plays. Adult works. Both perspire with what they do. The difference is that what the child does is merely for pleasure, while the adult generally sees work as a duty. It is the search for the child that has been lost within himself that makes the adult engage in an unbridled search for pleasure, whether through the use of narcotics, through promiscuous and irresponsible sexual practice, through play, and even through work when he becomes a workaholic. 
For the adult, the world has lost its magic. The colors that stain life have faded. Gradually, life becomes unbearable boredom. He doesn’t even remember when he last did something for the first time. For the child, everything is new, everything is discovered. Recreating oneself, therefore, is rediscovering the playful aspect of life. It is to break with the routine, surprising the retina. It is allowing the simple things of daily life to take on extraordinary meaning. Life goes from being a reprise to being a remake. Monotony gives way to politely and novelty. 
When an adult rediscovers the pleasure of being a child, work becomes a great game. Not that I lose my seriousness, but it is no longer seen as punishment. The process becomes more important than the result. Satisfaction does not depend on economic gratification, which is seen only as positive reinforcement. 
Even sex regains its playful nature. The pressure dissolves. Sexual intercourse is like playing on a seesaw, where partners alternate to give and receive pleasure with each other. Or like playing swing, wanting to propel your partner to reach heights. 
São Paulo said that we should be adults in understanding, however, children in malice. Therefore, recreating oneself is not becoming inconsequential, naive, unaware of the danger that surrounds us. We are children who have grown up, who have acquired life skills, who understand the mechanisms of this world. However, when we downloaded the program from maturity, our antivirus identified malware, that is, a malicious program, and placed it in quarantine. One day it will be completely eradicated. 
It is the malice that locks our machine, rendering our system inoperable. Surrendering to its nefarious influence is tantamount to sabotaging existence itself. Devoid of malice, life regains its original charm. After all, “all things are pure for the pure” (Titus 1:15). As Gonzaguinha used to sing: “I keep the purity of the children’s response: it is life, it is beautiful and it is beautiful.” Only children can see the beauty in life. It is that old story: “if your eyes are good, your whole body will have light; if however, your eyes are evil, your body will be dark. If, therefore, the light in you is darkness, how great is such darkness! ” (Matthew 6: 22-23). 
Unfortunately, the majority seems to adopt a worldview that is the opposite of what Paul proposed. We become adults in malice and children in understanding. It’s like someone who has just had a look at the car but forgot to clean the windshield. The bodywork is clinking. The upholstery, ditto. The tank is full. The oil at the ideal level. But the driver’s visibility is impaired so that it is impossible to drive without the imminent risk of colliding. 
For this reason, Jesus said that if we do not become children again, experiencing what he calls “being born again”, we will not be able to see, nor to enter the kingdom of God. 
Adults are always barred at the kingdom ball. The password that releases your entry is the new birth, which is nothing more than recreating yourself. Using the computer analogy again, it is like returning the system to that point where it had not yet been contaminated. It is restarting the machine. From then on, any program runs lightly and life starts to flow naturally. 
So, do you want to play with something serious?