Hermes Carvalho Fernandes – Thinker, activist, lecturer, author, president of the episcopal college of REINA, bishop consecrated by the International Christian Communion (communion that brings together bishops of Anglican / episcopal tradition from the five continents), 

Founder and coordinator of the Social Project Hidden Treasure, who serves several needy communities in Rio de Janeiro, including the former Jardim Gramacho landfill, where sixty families are benefited monthly with basic food baskets. In addition to the so-called “Choques de Amor”, the project also regularly promotes a blood donation campaign. On the “Day of Extended Arms”, hundreds of volunteers have already attended Hemorio or Santa Casa de Misericórdia to show solidarity to those who need blood to survive. 

After living with his family in Lake Mary, Florida, he returned to Brazil in 2011, and has been in charge of Reina at Engenho Novo, where he ministers on Sundays, 9 am and 7 pm, on Mondays 7 pm, and on Wednesdays 7:30 pm. at Rua Visconde de Santa Cruz, 226, next to the Vital Hospital. 

Brazilian, married to Tânia Cristina Gomes Fernandes since December 16, 1989, with whom he has three children, Rayane, Rhuan, and Revelyn. He was born on December 5, 1969. He took the Advanced Leadership Training Course at the Haggai Institute based in Singapore. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the Faculty of Theology Monte Calvário. He graduated in Business Administration Technician from Escola Técnica Fonseca Soares. He attended the 5th period of the Faculty of Psychology at Universidade Gama Filho, resuming his course in 2013 at Universidade Estácio de Sá.

On May 26, 1987, he took over the pastorate of his first congregation, as an unordained minister. He was instituted on 19 October 1987 as a lay minister, and on 21 July 1991 he was ordained to the pastoral ministry. On December 26, 1991, he founded, along with his father, Bishop Cecílio Carvalho Fernandes, REINA (Originally: Episcopal Network of Churches of the Apostolic Nation; currently: International Friends Network). Along with his father, he helped promote large evangelistic crusades in stadiums and squares, bringing together up to 50 thousand people, and mega-baptisms of up to 5,000 people. His father was responsible for opening almost 400 churches in Brazil, leading membership of almost 80 thousand people, and more than 8 thousand volunteers.

On January 4, 2004 he received the Doctor Honoris-Causa degree in Eschatology from the Latin American Theological-Philosophical Institute, and the Doctor Honoris-Causa degree in Science of Religion from the Faculty of Philosophical and Theological Sciences of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where he holds the position of invited professor. 

Throughout his twenty-eight years of ministry, he pastored several churches in Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhoods of Engenho Novo, Quintino, Vila da Penha, Marechal Hermes, Praça do Carmo, Duque de Caxias, and Vargem Grande, in addition to Deltona (Florida) , USA). 

Presented radio programs for many years and national TV. He is a composer of more than 150 songs and poems. He wrote 25 works, including 4 novels, which earned him an invitation to become a member of the Evangelical Academy of Letters in Brazil.


1. The Treasure Map 
2. Central Doctrines of the Christian Faith 
3. God’s Revelation to Man 
4. The Power of the Cross 
5. The Surprising Message from the Kingdom 
6. The Adventure of Being Happy 
7. The Prayer of “ Our Father ” 
8. God’s Arsenal 
9. The Irrevocable Decree 
10. Welcome to the Kingdom 
11. God’s Secret Plan – The divine conspiracy for the last days of history 
12. In the Waters of the Father’s Love 
13. Every Eye O Verá 
14. Cities of Dreams 
15. Radical Love – The different faces of the mysterious energy capable of altering the direction of humanity. 
16. For All That Is Sacred – Rescuing the sacredness of creation
17. Cara & Coroa – Jesus’ surprising proposal for the intergenerational conflict 
18. Storm in a Tumbler (Collection of Songs and Poems) 
19. Realism – The Christ of always for the world of today and tomorrow 
20. Spirituality Reinista 
21. To the East of Eden – A Reinista Guide to Citizenship and Resistance 
22. The Phoenix’s Nest 
23. My world and more 
24. Icarus’ dream 
25. Zero intolerance – For those who chose to love instead of discriminating. 

He has been invited to meet with Brazilian authorities, including the then-president Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, and the then governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Ms. Rosângela Matheus.

In 2003, he received Moção Honrosa at the City Council of the City of Rio de Janeiro, in recognition of the services provided to the population, not only through evangelism but also through social works. 

On March 25, 2005, he was made bishop with apostolic succession at Crossroads Cathedral Church in Sparta, TN, by bishops from around the world, linked to Christian Communion International, becoming part of the College of Bishops. 

On May 10, 2008, the World Peace Committee, an organ linked to the UN (United Nations), gave Bishop Hermes the medal and the title of Ambassador for Peace.

On March 17, 2014, he received the Medal of Merit of Life at the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro from the hands of the coordinator of Lei Seca, sharing the award with Dr. Roberto Irineu Marinho, president of Organizações Globo, Fernando Avelino, president of DETRAN, Ricardo Xavier, president of Seguradora Líder (DPVAT) and José Mariano Beltrame, security secretary of RJ. 

He has participated in radio debates on national television on two of the most popular radio stations in Brazil and on several TV channels. 

With a strong presence on social networks, he is editor of the blog HermesFernandes.com, and writer of several blogs and magazines in Brazil and abroad, where he seeks to keep the dialogue channel open to people of all generations, creeds, and cultures.