About products and brands involved with Satanism

By Neiva Brum Teixeira Gomes
Before going on a mission in the USA, I believed in a lot of things that they put up collages and invented, about Procter & Glamber, Coca-cola, Walt Disney, and when I got there I discovered that everything was just a big frame of dishonest competitors to sell more. For example, they showed me when I was younger than the owner of Procter & Glamber was a Satanist and they even showed me a newspaper clipping. Moral of the story, the guy is from New Jersey, is a Christian, and supports many missionaries worldwide. The Coca-Cola formula, for example, was created by a Methodist and the Methodist Church women’s society in the United States owns a share of the shares and helps support missionaries, and when they found out that Coca-Cola Brazil created a beer, Kaiser, they gave them months to sell, undo the brand or would start to represent Coca-cola in Brazil directly. and they had to sell quickly.
Walt Disney, before he died, sold many of the park’s shares, and their characters, and believe me, to the Southern Baptist Church, the second-largest American church, which still holds 35 percent of the shares. In 1985, American gays (who make the largest gay march in the world that last 3 days each year), decided to ask to close the park for 3 days so that the march would be there at Disney Florida. The Southern Baptist Church joined with other shareholders, who were traditional Catholics, and formed a majority and did not allow it. From then on, gays began to attack, out of sheer retaliation for Disney, implying that there were subliminal messages in Disney cartoons with an apology for pornography. 
In time, the Hello Kitty is not a doll without a mouth that an American woman who had a daughter without a mouth consecrated to the devil, rather, it is a strictly Japanese doll, and the cats there, as much as in China, are animals that, it is said, brings health, peace, and money, and has a group of cats of which Hello Kitty is part.
* Excerpt from the answer given by Neiva Brum Teixeira Gomes, a Brazilian Methodist missionary in the USA, to a friend on Orkut, after she sent him a video that related these brands and characters to Satanism.