About products and brands involved with Satanism

By Neiva Brum Teixeira Gomes
Before going on a mission in the USA, I believed in a lot of things that they put up collages and invented, about Procter & Glamber, Coca-cola, Walt Disney, and when I got there I discovered that everything was just a big frame of dishonest competitors to sell more. For example, they showed me when I was younger than the owner of Procter & Glamber was a Satanist and they even showed me a newspaper clipping. Moral of the story, the guy is from New Jersey, is a Christian, and supports many missionaries worldwide. The Coca-Cola formula, for example, was created by a Methodist and the Methodist Church women’s society in the United States owns a share of the shares and helps support missionaries, and when they found out that Coca-Cola Brazil created a beer, Kaiser, they gave them months to sell, undo the brand or would start to represent Coca-cola in Brazil directly. and they had to sell quickly.
Walt Disney, before he died, sold many of the park’s shares, and their characters, and believe me, to the Southern Baptist Church, the second-largest American church, which still holds 35 percent of the shares. In 1985, American gays (who make the largest gay march in the world that last 3 days each year), decided to ask to close the park for 3 days so that the march would be there at Disney Florida. The Southern Baptist Church joined with other shareholders, who were traditional Catholics, and formed a majority and did not allow it. From then on, gays began to attack, out of sheer retaliation for Disney, implying that there were subliminal messages in Disney cartoons with an apology for pornography. 
In time, the Hello Kitty is not a doll without a mouth that an American woman who had a daughter without a mouth consecrated to the devil, rather, it is a strictly Japanese doll, and the cats there, as much as in China, are animals that, it is said, brings health, peace, and money, and has a group of cats of which Hello Kitty is part.
* Excerpt from the answer given by Neiva Brum Teixeira Gomes, a Brazilian Methodist missionary in the USA, to a friend on Orkut, after she sent him a video that related these brands and characters to Satanism.

Do you really want to know what dating is?

By Hermes C. Fernandes

Dating is to embrace without a hurry to let go. It is losing your breath in a passionate kiss. It is asking the other person to hang up the phone first, hoping that he won’t answer your request. It’s missing the last train and having to sleep at the girlfriend’s house and make up an excuse for the parents. It is counting every minute of the day waiting to find the one you love. It is feeling that little chill in your belly and your heart racing when you are close. It is not being able to look away or try to disguise and devour with your eyes when the other is distracted. It’s putting on the best clothes, the best perfume, to try to impress. You look at yourself in the mirror five hundred times to make sure you’re okay. It is to guess what the other is thinking. It’s a stolen kiss. It’s taking off to dance. It’s serenading. It is a surprise. It’s a romance. It’s a dream. It’s an adventure. It’s love. 

When you are in love, everything is an excuse to be together. The absence produces an unbearable longing … longing for the look, the wheezing breath, the fragrance of your perfume, the voice, the way of speaking, the gestures. Therefore, we always manage. If you have to run, run. If you have to sacrifice anything, sacrifice. The important thing is to be together, no matter what price you have to pay.

Dating is said to be a pre-marriage stage. That is why, for many, after they get married, they no longer date. What a waste.

A wedding without dating is like a sunny day without a beach or a rainy day without a movie. 

They say that in courtship there is wanting, without power, and that in marriage this is reversed: there is power, but there is no longer wanting. What nonsense! When you really love, marriage is the crowning achievement of dating, in which wanting and being able to go together. Want to save your marriage, go back to dating. What spins a time-worn relationship is not watching porn, but reviving the flames of love. Your wife wants to feel loved, not used. 

Before taking her to bed, take her to the balcony. Before finally, kiss her as before. Before the moans and sighs of pleasure, tell her how much you love her. Repeat yourself. Leave him tickets. Bring him roses. Call during the day just to hear your voice. Choose a song to be the soundtrack of your passion. Get out hand in hand. Give her ‘malicious’ looks … Demonstrate, without shame, how much you want her. I love her without reservation and without an appointment. Regain it. Or did you forget how to do it? Go back to being the man she once fell in love with. 

When that happens, heaven applauds. The angels watch from the box. God smiles. Otherwise, your marriage is bound to top the list of regrets in your life.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LATE (Valentine’s Day in the USA was yesterday, the 14th)

In favor of the family! Which one? The human, could it be?

By Hermes C. Fernandes

“The family is like smallpox: we have it as a child and it is marked for the rest of our lives.”  Jean-Paul Sartre

The paladins of morals and good habits attack once again. According to them, it is the traditional family that is under a severe attack from those who aim to destroy it, imposing on society its nefarious agenda, whose main objective would be the implantation of a kind of gay dictatorship.

What, then, would be an ideal family? Where would we look for a perfect model? They would certainly answer that in the Bible. So, let’s go in search of an ideal family model in the sacred pages.

How about the first family? Yes, the one formed initially by Adam and Eve. There was the father, the mother, and the children. Perfect family, isn’t it? Too bad the older brother decided to kill the youngest.

If we go a little further, we will come across Noah’s family. It was with her that God would have restarted the human race after the catastrophic flood. There was also the figure of the father, the mother, accompanied by three children and three daughters-in-law. Perfect, isn’t it? As the costume says! Just don’t forget that one of the brothers decided to attack his father after catching him drunk. Yes, my people … it happens in the best families. Result: ended up cursed! Muffle the case.

What about Abraham’s family? We are talking about the great Hebrew patriarch, commonly called by Christians as “father in the faith”. The problem in his family nucleus is that offspring were lacking. Therefore, the family was not complete. At least, not according to the defenders of such a traditional family. Old Abraham, advised by his equally elderly wife, decided to have an affair with the Egyptian slave. Result: a bastard son. It was a fuss.

And what about Jacob? Four women. Twelve children. Ten of them planned to kill the youngest José. It doesn’t seem like a family to serve as a model, right?

Let’s jump to David. Man after God’s heart. In addition to his jumping over the fence (which gave him serious headaches), he had the displeasure of bittering all kinds of conflict between his children, from incest to murder. His own son usurped his throne.

I could mention other examples, but it is better to stay here, at least for the time being.

The family is the first of the institutions created by God. And as such, it was created for the good of man. The same principle applies to the family as Jesus applied to another divine institution: the Sabbath. According to the Galilean master, “the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” (Mk.2: 27). Similarly, the family exists to offer man some security and not to become extra weight. You cannot place any institution above the value of human life. So Jesus said that even on the Sabbath we should help those in trouble. It was not for nothing that most of the healings he performed were on Saturday.

It is interesting to note that whenever he came to Jerusalem, the place where he used to stay was in the home of three bachelors in a village called Bethany. Lazarus, Marta, and Maria were brothers. None of them had married. Therefore, they did not constitute a family of the traditional models according to what has been pointed out by the defenders of Christian morality. For a Jew of that time, being single in adulthood was considered a dishonor. Fava beans with traditions! It was there at their house that Jesus felt welcomed.

But what most intrigued the religion was that Jesus was very poorly accompanied. They called him a “friend of sinners”. Prostitutes and outcasts sat to listen to him. He never reproached them. He even went so far as to say that they would precede religion in the kingdom of heaven.

One of the few well-frequented houses he entered was that of a religious man who was scandalized when he was presented with perfume from the hands of a harlot. What for the hypocritical religion was the desecration of the sanctity of his home, for Jesus it was the most solemn expression of love. I dare say that Jesus had never felt so loved as he was by that prostitute.

Returning to the initial question of this post: what should be considered an ideal family? My answer is that formed by human beings who love and respect each other. What legitimizes a family is not the presence of a father, a mother, and her children, but the pure feeling that unites human beings in perennial bonds.

If there is love, God is there. But, if there is no love, not even blood ties guarantee a welcoming and healthy environment for its members.

The ideal is that every home should consist of the father and mother figures and their offspring. However, we live in a world of contingencies. Children are abandoned. Parents split up. Family nuclei dissolve. In an imperfect world, imperfect families can be the setting where lives will be rescued and loved.

There never was, nor will there ever be, perfect families. But every family, regardless of the model, must be perfectly capable of loving and welcoming its members.

Unfortunately, many traditional families despise and abandon their children when they discover their sexual orientation. I know the case of a pastor who sent his son abroad so that the church would not discover that he was gay. Another case that became notorious in the United States was the son of a famous pastor who committed suicide after his father publicly excommunicated him.

The family should be the place where the individual is accepted regardless of sexual orientation or anything else. Real parents never give up loving.

I confess that I am touched to see a homosexual who, even though he was despised by his own family, wants to dedicate his love and care to an orphaned or abandoned child. He set out to give what he never received. Was there anything more commendable than that?

The fear that many have is that a child raised by a homosexual will end up embracing the same sexual orientation. However, practically every homosexual I have ever met is from a traditional family.

Most sexual abuse against infants occurs in traditional homes, some even religious.

Honestly, I prefer to see a child welcomed by a homosexual couple a thousand times to see him living in the open, without affection, without education and deprived of his dignity.

Our religious hypocrisy is such that we prefer to see a homosexual living promiscuously with multiple partners than to see him forming a family in a monogamous relationship. While moral champions rise to the stage of marches for Jesus, sporting a third or fourth wedding, or displaying a front wedding where the lover’s place is secured, gays are fighting for the right to enter into a stable union.

It is high time that we left our ideological trenches and saw this social demand with love.

It is not by depriving gays of their rights that we will be able to attract them to the gospel. On the contrary. We should defend them, even if their lifestyle challenges our religious scruples. Above all, they are human beings, creatures of the same God whom we declare to love and serve.

Therefore, love them and let them, love, welcome them, and let them welcome you.

Sin is anything that violates human dignity, thus insulting the Creator. Homophobia is a sin. Prejudice, whatever it may be, is also. Thankfully, “love covers a multitude of sins”(1 Peter 4: 8) and that “mercy triumphs over judgment.” However, “the judgment will be without mercy on him who has no mercy” (James 2:13).

Masked or brazen?

By Hermes C. Fernandes

Two Felipes caused an earthquake on social media this week. One, unmasking the holy hypocrisy of an evangelical parliamentarian. The other, being publicly unmasked by his wife who accuses him of being homosexual and pedophile. Although different, these facts are connected by a link: the way the evangelical religion sees homosexuality.

Not even Felipe Neto’s tight skirts inhibited Marco Feliciano’s anachronistic stance on the topic. The vlogger demonstrated that he had done his homework by firing biblical passages, using even the original texts. I even suspect that the boy has been in a church. Or, at the very least, researched a lot before entering the parliamentarian’s office. Feliciano remained firm until the end, and the debate that began with an apology from Felipe Neto for the inelegant way he referred to the deputy on social media, ended with Feliciano’s tear of silk, stating that his daughters are fans of the vlogger. In fact, I liked to know that Felipe Neto comes from Engenho Novo, the same neighborhood in Rio where I exercise the pastoral function.

Nothing moves Feliciano from the conviction that homosexuality is a sin. For Silas Malafaia, his colleague from the pulpit and a private friend, what constitutes sin is homosexual practice. Therefore, if the individual has homosexual desires, but does not reach the end, he will not be sinning properly. This position has been almost unanimous among evangelicals in Brazil. It doesn’t matter what you feel, but just what you do, which, in my view, seems to clash with the original proposal of Christ, who is one of his most important sermons, stated that if a man desired a woman who was not his, in his heart he would have tampered with it, even if it never came to fruition. He also said that if we harbored a feeling of hatred towards our fellow man, it would make us murderers in the eyes of God. It is from the heart that all things sprout, good and bad. But for those who claim to be spokespersons for Christian morals, what matters is appearance, not what is felt in the heart. Therefore, if homosexual practice is sinful, we will have to admit that the homosexual desire is also sinful. So too, if the homosexual desire is not sinful in itself, then neither is its practice.

Following the same line of reasoning, they teach that both love and forgiveness are not feelings, but merely attitudes. Therefore, I must declare that I have forgiven my offender, even though my heart is still broken. I must say that I love it, even if I don’t. Those who abuse this teaching go so far as to say that a cure must be confessed, even if it has not occurred. All of this in the name of a faith divorced from love. What these evangelical gurus teach as truth, Jesus called hypocrisy.

And what does all this have to do with the traumatic separation of pastor Bianca Toledo? All! Bianca came from a traumatic separation when she met Felipe. Six months after the separation, they were married without having given a single kiss during courtship. They became the darlings of the traditional evangelical family and poster boys for the “I chose to wait for” movement. The fact that he had recovered from a deadly illness was proof that God could reverse any situation. And the fact that she rebuilt her love life after the first separation was proof that the same God who would have “raised her” would also raise her dreams. Result: Bianca became a champion of sales of DVD’s, CD’s and books in which she reports her testimony. Her second marriage became a model to be copied.instagram with perfect photos that resemble margarine commercial families. His travels were accompanied by thousands of fans via Snapchat.

Everything went wonderfully until … boom! The truth would have come out. According to Bianca, her husband confessed his homosexuality to her, and as if that were not enough, she attempted suicide after confessing to having abused her only 5-year-old son.

The subject took social networks by storm. It was only talked about during the week. And one of the most spoken phrases was “the mask fell”. And the worst thing is that this is said in a celebratory tone. A question arises that does not want to remain silent: Who really provided the mask? What masquerade did he use to parade at?

I wish the Christians finally understood what the apostle Paul meant to say by declaring that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. It is not, as many people think, freedom to worship as we please, jumping, dancing, handstands, etc. And yes, freedom to be what you are, without fear of being judged by anyone.

We are all beings in the finishing phase. Or if you prefer to use a philosophical expression, we are becoming. Nobody is ready. For this reason, Paulo is incisive: if we aim to become better human beings, we have to keep ourselves “with the face uncovered” while we transit in an environment steeped in freedom, love, and mutual respect.

Under the masks provided by religion, monsters eventually form. If they lived in the light, there would be no environment conducive to that.

If Felipe Heiderich is, in fact, a homosexual, he should never have married a woman. On the other hand, it probably would not have been welcomed by the church. Basically, we have nothing against homosexuals, as long as they stay in the closet and don’t bother us. Holy hypocrisy, Batman! If they marry people of the opposite sex, even better. This would prove that our gay healing theory is correct. But this is where things change. A conversion is forged (not only religious, but sexual), and, to prove that he is “cured”, he marries and begins to live a lie. Often, the spouse is an accomplice. In others, it is a victim.

Please stop this litany that insists on linking homosexuality to pedophilia. Being homosexual is not a crime. Although many think it is a sin. However, pedophilia is both a crime and a sin. Furthermore, it is statistically proven that child abuse is rarely perpetrated by homosexuals. They are generally practiced by straight men. If you have abused a child, you should be arrested, but not hated by those who should love you.

The rapist, the pedophile, or any other criminal, cannot escape the rigor of the law. This does not mean that they should be the target of our hatred and contempt. They are human beings, as lacking in divine mercy as each of us.

Judging by the reaction of most Christians, it was not just the mask of that pastor that fell, but that of all of them. All the love we preach went down the drain. Our desire for revenge testified against us, both before society and before God Himself.

Allow me, now, a sincere opinion on the position of the pastor, considered by many, courageous. Was she an accomplice or victim of this whole situation?

According to what was published in the media, both written and television, Bianca had been informed by the nanny that her current husband had abused her son since she was 3 years old. But she did nothing. He preferred to turn a blind eye. The nanny reported having communicated to Bianca that the boy was always without diapers in the crib and that his stepfather was seen constantly leaving his room at dawn, and that whenever Bianca traveled, he dismissed the nanny and slept with the boy in his bed. bed. Why did she just decide to throw everything on the fan?

What about how you made the situation public? Why expose your own child in this way? Wasn’t it enough to handle the case in the private sphere?

She could even expose the fact that her husband has not shown sexual interest in her since the sixth month of marriage, and reveal to everyone her homosexuality and even her suicide attempt. But I see no reason to expose a child who can carry this stigma forever.

And what causes me even more disgust is to perceive the spiritual bias that is trying to be given to the case, as if foreseeing the repercussions and the way in which he can spare his ministry from a scandal, increasing the sales of his material. Already, we will have another bestseller telling how he survived this. I can’t look kindly on such a marketing strategy at the cost of exposing an innocent child.

Imagine twenty years from now, when you are an adult, and do a google search for your name, what this child will come across. All of this could be avoided.

Today, Bianca posted a banner with her photo and the phrase: “Bianca Toledo alerts the church: A storm is going to clean Christian altars across the land.” And more: “See that many others will fall in the coming days because they have consciously stained what is holy and the church will wake up to what it ignores: Satanism infiltrated the leaders, pedophiles, and immortals, corrupt and adulterous, greedy and manipulative. So that there are fear and healing. ”

Before worrying about the church and its ministry, she should be concerned about her little boy. The same apostle says that whoever does not care for his home, how can he care for the church of God?

I even think she should take a break from social media. Take a gap year. Dedicate yourself entirely to your child’s restoration.

Finally, we must consider your ex-husband’s right to go public and expose his version of the facts. To date, there is no evidence that the child has been abused. He is under arrest for precautionary measures, following the protocol in these situations.

Felipe Heiderich’s lawyer, Leandro Muses, used his client’s Facebook profile to say that “the charges against Felipe are entirely false” and that “the police will be able to investigate in order to finally clarify the truth”. According to him, neither the pastor nor the lawyer will go to the media to clarify the facts: “We will not go in search of the media to promote any of our interests, we will rather prove Felipe’s innocence in the police investigation records, trusting the work of the Police and Justice! ”, he explained. “Pray for Felipe so that he has the strength to overcome this serious injustice, and ask God that he only do justice, nothing more!”

If your crime is proven, pay for what you did. But on the other hand, if your innocence is proven, let us be Christian enough to ask your forgiveness for the public lynching to which we are subjecting you.

In the meantime, how about we abandon our hypocrisy and stop projecting our fantasies of perfection on the stars of the gospel world? How about we assume our humanity for good and look mercifully at the idiosyncrasies of others?

More love, less bitterness, please.

Google Chrome and Privacy: Is Incognito Really Safe?

During the days when typewriters were the only way in which to create documents, it was only necessary to worry about having a replacement ribbon and a bottle of Tipp-Ex to hand for use as and when necessary.

Though the advent of computers has made word processing much easier with mistakes being simple to rectify, it also means that it can be connected to the Internet which is not possible or necessary with a typewriter. This link allows for a great deal more ability with the use of a computer, but it also means that there is a different set of concerns that need to be taken into account.

Regardless of the reason why you might need to go online, it is necessary to consider the security aspect of doing so. This process of connecting with the rest of the world not only raises an issue in respect of what you are sending out there but also what you are receiving or viewing.

Many people may assume that the only risk to privacy that comes from going online is that which can arise where your computer is hacked or private information is inadvertently released, such as via a phishing email. However, there are other aspects that need to be considered when determining the best way to maintain your privacy.

When using the Internet, it will not be necessary to utilize any particular laser focus in order to notice the statement about cookies that appears on many websites. They tend to be placed at a fairly prominent position at the top or bottom of the screen. Often, users will be inclined to ignore this notice as it can only occasionally interfere with the use of the website when it is in front of the options to navigate around the website.

Cookies are a sweet and inoffensive way of referring to the website’s ability to use data that allows it to remember information relating to the user’s visit, such as items placed in the basket or an email address used as a username.

Though it might be easy to ignore them for the sake of continuing with your intended reason for visiting the website, it is a good idea to take a few moments to read it to gain an understanding of what will result from using the website. Besides this, you will not be able to claim that you were not informed by the company running the website in the event that you take issue with their use of cookies as with the continued use of the website, it is assumed that you accept these terms.

These statements about cookies are essentially a notification of the way in which the website uses them.

If you are paying attention, you will have noticed that the adverts that stream alongside the websites that you visit might seem a bit familiar. Cookies also come into play as websites can use them to tailor the advertising that you see whilst browsing the Internet. You will find that the pair of boots that you were admiring on a website is following you around.

All of this can seem quite intrusive and can you want to do something about it.

Of course, prevention of this can be achieved by regularly going to the settings option in the browser that you are using to delete the cache, cookies, and browser history. However, this will depend on whether you will remember or are inclined to complete these steps on a regular basis.

One of the first factors of computer privacy that needs to be considered is the browser that you are using. This is due to the fact that they are all different and have different regulations in respect of the privacy that you can expect when using it.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, so it is prudent to understand how to deal with privacy using this browser.

Google Chrome’s privacy settings come through the use of a tool called Incognito, which makes it possible to remain anonymous while browsing websites. In order to make use of this tool, it is necessary to turn it on but this process is simple:

  • Launch the Chrome browser
  • Open the full extent of the options in the top right corner
  • Find and click New Incognito Window
  • This will open a new browser window which can be used to visit your required website
  • After closing this browser, the next time you use the browser it will revert to the standard one

Use of Incognito also means that there will be no record kept of any downloads you complete, though the result will go straight to your download folder. It is also possible to use it as a parental control method to protect children from inappropriate content.

This option for online browsing is painted as one that will prevent you from leaving a trail while browsing the Internet. However, whether or not it actually achieves this is a different matter.

The fact that Google is a massive firm that can benefit from knowing which websites people visit should not be overlooked. Though the use of Incognito may prevent the majority of websites from being aware of your visit, this does not mean that Google will not use the information.

In the event that the concern for privacy incorporates the dislike of your information being sold in order to tailor advertising, then you may not be impressed with the use of Incognito.

With the purpose of Incognito being to help a user to remain anonymous, you would expect that there will not be any note of the websites visited after the browser is closed as they would be instantly deleted, but this appears not to always be the case.

This defeats the purpose and can be especially problematic when it comes to the use of a shared computer.

Due to the problems that appear to affect Incognito, it is worth testing it out first to see if it actually works effectively for you.

Should You Cover Your Webcam?

Whether you have one that is integrated into your laptop or a separate portable one that needs to be connected, webcams have become a natural part of the onward progress of technology to the point where it is a piece of equipment that many people own or have access to.

It can be considered a necessity for many people who want to be able to contact those who are not in close proximity or conduct business with people abroad.

They provide an excellent way to keep in touch via online calls that allow friends and loved ones to be viewed in real-time. Though Skype may be the most well-known, video calling is available on many platforms and continues to prove to be a convenient form of communication in a range of scenarios.

should you cover your webcam

However, if webcams are not specifically needed by computer users, it is necessary to consider how worried we should be about them.

Many people will argue that simply not turning the webcam on is sufficient to provide protection and cite the fact that websites need to request permission to use the webcam in any case. However, if you use the same logic when it comes to a house, that would suggest that if you lock all your windows and doors and never give out any keys, it will never get burgled.

Considering the fact that hackers have been able to gain control of the websites and data of some of the largest companies in the world, getting a mass-produced webcam is not going to prove difficult.

The fact that webcams are mass-produced means that a defect affecting one can affect them all, which makes them vulnerable and open to abuse to such an extent that one company was forced to recall their products.

Hacking allows someone who may not even be I the same country as you to gain external control of your webcam – even turning it on – in order to violate the privacy of your home and make a potentially large number of people privy to private information.

This has led to a worrying trend of a range of crimes, such as blackmail, using information that hackers gain from accessing images and audio without permission.

People who use webcams as baby monitors should be particularly concerned as those people that prey on children also has IT skills, and webcams can allow children to be covertly spied on.

There has even been an exhibition by an ‘artist’ who was brazen enough to display still images that had been gained from hacking the webcams of random people – even displaying images of children – without the permission of any of those shown.

Though it provides a link to the outside world from the comfort of your home or workplace, this is not necessarily always a good thing. The simple act of covering a webcam or disconnecting it entirely when it is not in use can help you to maintain your privacy and prevent the risk of becoming a victim of unscrupulous parties.

By bearing in mind that not everyone innocently uses the internet for the purpose for which it was designed, it is possible to easily protect yourself

against those who have bad intentions, or who are simply bored and don’t know how to put their IT skills to good use. Even if they have the capability of being able to hack into your webcam, if all they get is a blank screen, then they would have wasted their time and you will have peace of mind.

If it is an action that Mark Zuckerberg sees fit to undertake (he also blocks his microphone), then it must be alright for the rest of us.